Let’s Talk about the Midterms
Kristen is joined by special guest co-host, Echelon Insights co-founder Patrick Ruffini, to determine who is the goat in this scary movie, who is excited about the midterms, what just happened with North Korea, and what people thought about it before it happened, or didn’t.
Generic ballot / Trump’s approval rating
The generic ballot is widening back out again in favor of Democrats, but Trump’s approval rating has not taken a hit. Are Dems in the clear? Not so fast.Real Clear Politics: 2018 Generic Congressional VoteTrump Job Approval
NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll
How do you talk about the expectation poll when the results of the summit wasn’t a choice?  And what were those results anyway? What is the net outcome of alienating allies and befriending dictators in the same week?
What are midterm voters looking for? A check on Trump? Health care is a problem for Republicans. And the gun issue is surprising. More Dems say they are enthusiastic about primaries, and Republicans look like Independents. Trump’s support has gotten deeper — but not broader
Economic satisfaction under Trump isn’t helping his party’s 2018 chances Democratic Women have won 49% of open seat primaries, Republican Women only 16%
California Primaries