Kristen saw a concert. Margie has jet lag. We’re both in LA, taking in the kale smoothies & easy living.

I Can’t Go For That
Trump approval (HuffPo)

Poll Of The Week:
Who do you trust? (CBS)

Say It Isn’t So:
Generic ballot (RCP)

California House
CA-50 (Tulchin Research, July 17-23)
CA-48 (Monmouth)
CA-25 (Global Strategy Group, June 29)

Texas Senate
RCP Averages
Texas LYCEUM Poll

Florida Senate
It’s still tight (Miami Herald)

GOP Praise Trump at Record Rates (Wesleyan)
Dem candidates should be bolder on gun control (GBA Strategies)
Wedding Cakes, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Future of LGBT Rights in America (PRRI)

Maneater: Sharks & Politics
Let’s live every week like it’s shark week