The State of the Union…does it ever move numbers? Was Tuesday’s speech the dawning of a new era or a soon-forgotten blip?

Poll: More than half will definitely vote against Trump (Politico/Morning Consult)

Speech audience was most partisan since 2001 (CNN/SSRS)

Most viewers approved of Trump’s second State of the Union address (CBS News)


And what of 2020? With more and more contenders jumping in, we will take a look at Trump’s re-election prospects and what we can know about the Dem field.

President Trump Job Approval (Real Clear Politics)

Most Democrats say bring on Biden (CNN/SSRS)

California Dems Excited About Biden And Harris (Quinnipiac)


Wealth taxes, Medicare for all, and the Green New Deal are the big policy pushes from Dems…we will look at some new polling on wealth taxes.

Warren’s Proposed Tax on Wealthy Draws More Support Than Ocasio-Cortez’s (Morning Consult)


There’s been a lot of apologizing lately. Do people think public officials should have to apologize for things like blackface? And speaking of apologies, how would the Brits do it?

Only 58 percent of Americans oppose blackface (YouGov via Washington Post)

Most Brits think “I’m sorry for any offence caused” is a proper apology (YouGov)


Big game ads! What were the favorites?

2019 Ad Meter Results (USAToday)