Shutdown averted? Trump’s numbers have bounced back!

Trump: Favorable/Unfavorable (Real Clear Politics)


Margie’s got a new Navigator poll out on the work of Mueller and “Mister Peepers”!

Mueller Poll Shows Very Few Republicans Believe Russia Interfered In 2016 Election (HuffPost/YouGov)

Most Americans in new poll support Democratic investigations of Trump administration (Global Strategy Group and GBA Strategies for Restore Public Trust)

More voters back Mueller probe, say it has ‘uncovered crimes’ (Navigator Research)

Mister Peepers, the Ballad of Rod Rosenstein (song by Ben Folds)


We can’t live in 2020 denial anymore. Its time to start looking at the polls a little more seriously.

Announced/Potential Democratic Presidential Candidate Name Recognition Results (Saint Anselm College / New Hampshire Institute of Politics)

Which 2020 Democrats Already Have A Fan Base — And Which Don’t (FiveThirtyEight)

National Tracking Poll (Morning Consult / Politico)


“Well Virginia they didn’t give you quite enough information!”

About a third of Americans say blackface in a Halloween costume is acceptable at least sometimes (Pew Research)

Virginians are split on governor’s fate amid blackface scandal, poll shows (Washington Post/Schar School)


The president got a poll tweet…right? How people are feeling about their finances.

Americans’ Confidence in Their Finances Keeps Growing (Gallup)


Valentine’s Day!

Three Months’ Salary for an Engagement Ring? For Most People, It’s More Like Two Weeks (Morning Consult for The Upshot)

Men have higher expectations for Valentine’s Day than women (Bankrate)

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your dog? Survey says that’s not weird (

One-in-three women have been disappointed in a partner’s Valentine’s Day actions (YouGov)

This is what men and women really want for Valentine’s Day (YouGov)