Trump Job Approval

Stabilizing, but what does it mean? (Real Clear Politics)


The Manafort sentencing memo indicates 75 pages of polling data were shared with Konstantin Kilimnik, so we speculate wildly what it might have been.

Kristin’s Washington Examiner column


2020 Democrats, a Deep Dive

Fewer than 3-in-10 Dems have ‘strong opinion’ about 2020 nominee (Politico / Morning Consult)

The State of the Democratic Primary (Morning Consult)

Democratic Voters’ Second Choices Show How Fluid The 2020 Primary Race Is (FiveThirtyEight analysis of Morning Consult tracking poll)


Releasing the Mueller Report Publicly

Majority wants Mueller report released to the public (Politico / Morning Consult)


Has there been a shift in attitudes on abortion?

Americans’ Opinions on Abortion (Marist for Knights of Columbus)

A new poll shows a spike in pro-life sentiment. Don’t panic — or declare victory. (Davis Byler in The Washington Post)


Pew switches to online polls

What our transition to online polling means for decades of phone survey trends (Pew Research)



Poll: National Public Sleeping Day (News12 Long Island)