We’ve recovered from the convention, but have the polls? Take it away, Kristen’s iPhone…


Poll of the week: Is 2016 making you wish you had a brain implant?.

Do brain chip implants make you worried? What if they don’t actually work?


2016: A Clinton bounce, a Trump crater, and smod it all to heck.

Clinton has a post-Philly bounce. But who knows what’s even happening anymore. Ah, 2016,


Mansplain this to us.

Men are experts on being experts. Maybe the answer is–affirmative action?


ISO: Someone who likes Dr. Pepper, crying, guns, and avocado

Can your OK Cupid profile predict your party leanings? Well, do you like Broad CIty or Clint Eastwood?


Key findings:

  • We’re old enough to remember when just the polling seemed crazy.
  • Men are experts, just ask them!
  • There aren’t many places where Democrats and Republicans can hang out. It’s not in person. It’s not OK Cupid. It’s just The Pollsters.

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