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Poll of the week: A low-grade Olympic fever?

Are you watching the Olympics? If you’re not, maybe you’re not alone.



Make no mistake about it: Clinton is up in the polls. It’s not a skew, it’s not a bias. It’s really happening (at least right now).


Preaching to the choir:

Voters are hearing politics from the pulpit, but not about specific candidates.


Lighten up!

People are smoking fewer cigarettes, more pot, and more beer than ever.


Key findings:

  • Hat tip to Ariel Levy from the Huffington Post, for coming up with some Olympic polling events: tracking & fielding; horseracing; synchronized dialing. How can Olympic fever be down with events like these?!
  • Everyone is feeling disgusted with politics–it’s on Facebook, it’s at church, it’s on your phone right now. But that doesn’t mean the polls are skewed.
  • Which pollster would you most want to share a beer (or glass of wine) with? We hope that’s us!

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