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Poll of the week: DC Insiders, they’re just like us!

Hey, how come we didn’t get called?



The landslide got you down? Well, must be those trash-can polls.


Next up: debates

The debates are coming, and voters already have some preferences.


Get ready to go back to work everyone: Jobs

Are you on vacation, or wrapping up a summer job? Margie & Kristen had some formative jobs that we relive in real-time.


Key Findings:

  • This is election is so crazy, it’s even making Kristen angry. That’s tough y’all!
  • Where does pollster rate on top industries? What about twitter troll? What about podcast guest-host?
  • And don’t let the landslide get you down. Not with so many podcasts to catch up on.

Check out this episode!

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