Our Ron Brownstein interview is the top-downloaded interview we’ve ever done. Thanks everyone! But don’t make our Chuck Todd & Charlie Cook interviews jealous–they are #39 & #44, respectively, if you want to go back & take a listen. (Gotta catch em all.) And as always you can write a review on iTunes or Stitcher, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see all the polls we’re looking at each week.


Poll of the week: All of them.

We have a new thing, the Brianna Keilar award for Truth Telling in Polls. It belongs to [dramatic pause?]


Process front & center.

Never mind the issues when there is palace intrigue, rigged polls, and rigged polling booths!



Oh, the polls. Still bad news for Trump, with a few tiny exceptions.


Burning down the House! And the Senate! One battleground state at a time!

Is it too late to turn the R next to your name on the ballot to some sort of emoji?


Time to get out of dodge, wherever that is

You know where the Statue of Liberty is. But how about the Grand Canyon?

Check out this episode!

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