Margie squeezes in a few hours of staycation, while Kristen is on the road. But even during a slow week there are still polls to amaze or depress you.


Poll of the week: smells like teen spirit?

What do Milwaukee voters think the election smells like? Um, nothing you’d want to turn into a scratch-n-sniff sticker.



The race is tightening! But just a little.


Trump immigration policy? All of them. Says who?

Is it a softening, or a hardening?


Divisions on guns getting wider

Tier-one versus tier-two policies, while party differences widen,


Back to school!

Have  you gotten all your polling done in time for the first day


Key findings:

  • Whether the race is narrowing or staying stable, as far as Margie’s concerned, it’s always time to panic about a potential president trump.
  • There’s common ground on immigration–but maybe not on trump’s different positions on immigration.
  • Meanwhile, don’t worry folks, were also becoming increasingly partisan on guns and education. So there’s that.
  • At least my back to school shopping is done! And this i can promise you: it will be decades before i spend more on my children’s clothes than on my own.

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