With Labor Day behind us, we need to turn to Satchmo to make sense of the polling. Don’t miss our interview with the Monkey Cage’s John Sides. If you’re looking for some extra-credit reading on gerrymandering, check out this or this story.


Back to school! Hit the books.

What makes a student love their alma mater? Feeling like a professor “cares about people like you”–almost like in politics. And hit the tablets, or something.


2016: Unskew this podcast

Tuesday wasn’t any ordinary day. It was a day with a lot of new, sometimes divergent, polling. We try to figure out what’s going on.


Everyone is miserable

Is the campaign still getting you down? We feel you. But have you made a headline juicier than your data suggests? Well, we’re going to call you out then.


Polling among Latinos

Lots of new polling among Latinos–are there real differences at work, or differences in methodology?


Is it too late to change our show name to “These Two Hens”?

Spoiler: yes.


Key findings:

  • Pollster culture very dominant. It’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, there will be pollsters on every corner.
  • Which, for a lot of people, might be an improvement over following this election.
  • If you really need a break–hit the books, or hit the tablet. Not such a catchy name.
  • But you know what is a catchy name? The Pollsters, and we don’t regret it one bit.

Check out this episode!

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