Mad-Man style, or Rhoda Morgenstern, either way we love this Medium post & review from Michelle Thomas of Javelina. We forgot all about the cat videos!


Poll of the week: News alerts!

Are you living in a media bubble? You might be if you think *everyone* is living in a bubble. And how many people get news alerts on their phone?


Breaking: Morbid, er, Morning Consult poll

This new Morning Consult poll leaves no stone unturned on the presidential health issue.


2016! Today’s forecast is…

Today’s forecast looks a lot like yesterday’s forecast.


Non-voters & new voters. More myths debunked

Once you look at these Pew numbers, get ready to re-read The Selfie Vote.


The one poll in the world you could predict with certainty

The internet meme that will never die.


Key Findings

  • Today’s forecast looks a lot like yesterday’s forecast. But it’s not clear if it’s time yet to get out your umbrella.
  • Lots of myth debunking going on out there. Check your assumptions folks!
  • It’s a good thing we never did an online poll about the name of our show, or it may in fact become those two hens.
  • When 2016 gets a little crazy, reflect on some simpler times, with cat videos, old 70s sitcoms, or back episodes of The Pollsters.

Check out this episode!

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