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Poll of the week: Millennials & their furbabies.

Forget about crazy cat ladies, there are now fun catboys. And did you know Kristen wrote the book on Millennials?



The polls have tightened, but then maybe they’ve loosened? And new open end data from both Pew and Gallup.


Pollsters weigh in on weighting

This was super cool! Really excited both of our firms got to be a part of it.



Um, we’re going to need some fresh data here.


Key findings:

  • Who says Millennials are selfish? Half of millennial guys have cats!
  • Maybe for Clinton no news is good news.
  • If the polls are getting a little too tight for comfort, maybe you need to lose weight?
  • If you don’t like the results of your poll. Just wait?
  • Always good to see fellow pollsters weigh in?
  • Who is going to get more of a post-breakup bounce: Brad or Angelina? We’re on it!!  
  • And welcome new listeners!! Tweet us your complaints.

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