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Poll of the week! Or maybe, “relevant pitch” of the week?

How might you find independents on radio? Nielsen sent us some answers.


Snap judgment

So we had a debate. Who are you going to trust to find out who won: the polls? Or the other polls?


Transition team

Is this election bringing out the worst in people? Is it bringing out anyone to vote?l


Grilled cheese, spicy mochas, & the Simpsons

Does Carl mainsplain to Mrs. Krabapple?


Key Findings:

  • Did you have “poll denialism” on your debate bingo card! We will next time for sure.
  • And everyone get your transition team ready. Not for the next president, but for the rest of america.
  • Never mind m or manterrupting during the debate, what has been happening with the  Simpsons? We had no idea. Maybe Homestar Runner is better?


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