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Poll of the Week: Do you need an information diet

Clay Johnson, call your office.


The Taxman is coming, just not for Donald Trump

People care about Trump’s tax returns. But will it change their vote?


Return of the TV dads

Dads square off, probably not changing the race much.


The forecast is bleak, and we’re talking Donald, not Matthew

Huffington Post has a new forecast


While the climate is, partisan

Pew reveals major party differences in views toward climate change. Kristen sees, uh, a silver lining.


Here’s something really scary

Get ready for Halloween folks! Basically that means dressing like a superhero.


Key Findings

  • People are looking for more information sources about buying stuff than about politics.
  • And that’s even before last night’s rockin’ VP debate!
  • Even a bunch of kittens could tell you that Clinton’s had a post-debate bounce.
  • The candidates may not be talking much about climate change, but don’t worry, there are still deep partisan divides anyway.
  • You know what’s really scary? That political costumes are going to be pretty popular this year.

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