Well it’s pretty crazy out there. Hold onto your crosstabs everyone. And don’t forget you can see Margie in LA on 10/20 at the Ace Hotel with the fine folks at KCRW’s Left Right & Center. Check it out here.


Poll of the Week

There’s a reason we’re going to focus on the tapes & the debate–it’s one of the biggest news stories this year.


October Surprises

The post-debate polling is bleak for Trump, but  not quite as volatile as the news. Maybe.



Mmm. McMuffins. Kristen’s Muffin-map is driving Twitter crazy.


Are you going crazy?

You’re not the only one feeling stressed out about this election. But are you the only one who believes a conspiracy theory?


Candy binge

In times like these, we turn to candy.


Key Findings

  • Let’s not get the message muddled here. The tapes are not about cursing, but about assault. That could explain some of the differences in results we’re seeing.
  • And while the impact on the race is clear–the impact on the GOP’s fortunes…too soon to say. News is moving faster than public opinion, and public opinion moving faster than pollsters.
  • Is the election giving you stress? Are you binge eating candy and McMuffins? Talk to the pollsters. Tell us how that makes you feel.

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