The “Nasty Woman” vs. the “Bad Hombre.” Kristen & Marge are on west coast time. Now who’s the puppet!?


Poll of the week

It turns out you are entitled to your own facts. On that we agree, it seems.


The debates! They’re over!

We made it through the final debate. So, uh, anything change?


Are you being rigged?

Yikes! Will people trust the polling results?


To Russia, with Love

Changing views toward Russia among the GOP? What would Reagan say?


Tale of the tapes. Again


If kids could vote


Key findings:

  • We’re almost there everyone! Surely we can at least agree on how many days are left till the election? (fact check: yes!)
  • Is it okay to call someone nasty, or a bad hombre? Or to shout wrong at someone who isn’t wrong? What if you disagree with them on tax policy? (fact check: no!)
  • Is it okay to fantasize about being in a pre-school election, or to daydream about what shows you’re going to binge watch after the election? (fact check: yes!)

Check out this episode!

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