It’s your lucky day! We’re doing a special Monday episode since we may not be able to find time later in the week. So check out our Senate-sational special!  Aldo, don’t orget  to follow @margieomero & the #walmartmoms hashtag for groups Tuesday night.


Poll of the week

Is Trump just making excuses, or might the election be rigged? A new ABC poll finds yet another big party divide.


The senate!

The Upshot compares all the the handicappers and forecasters into one giant clip-n-save, or click-n-spin.






New  Hampshire


North carolina








We’ve got issues


Key Findings

  • It’s never too early to prepare for your next campaign, folks.
  • The trump effect downticket may not be as big as people think. But it’s definitely not helping.
  • And if you’re not feeling like you hear enough about the issues, call your spouse.

Check out this episode!

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