We’ve been a lot of places–if we spent any more time together this week we would’ve had to give each other candy.


Poll of the Week

Can Ivanka’s brand withstand Hurricane Trump?


What is happening out there?!

The race is tightening. Or is it?


Early Voting

Early voting seems to be benefit Clinton. But will that advantage last?


Just a little respect

Hats, swag, angry pollsters, angry neighbors. Just a wonderful time to be alive.


Key findings:

  • We’re in the final countdown. Pick up some stickers & yard signs, do some GOTV & don’t obsess talking about the polls.
  • Oh wait, that was just a note Margie wrote to herself.
  • Thanks everyone for an incredible year and a half of The Pollsters! We love you guys & gals, and glad you’ve enjoyed our regular polling deep dive & bad jokes.

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