Did you hear our interview with Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio & Clinton pollster Joel Benenson? You’re going to want to take a listen. It’s one of our favorite episodes so far.


Poll of the Week: We’ve hit peak pollsters

The Pollsters talk about the polling on polling.


Everybody (well, half of everybody) Loves A Winner

Even Trump gets a post-win bounce.


Post-Fact Universe

The true polling about post-facts



Electoral College


Carrier and the Free Market


Donald Trump’s Businesses

Conflicts are complicated.


Tweeter In Chief

Is there a secret high-level Twitter Anonymous meeting out there that Kristen can go to?


We Love International Elections!


Polling on Santa

Margie explains to Kristen the joys of the creepy Santa photo


Key findings:

  • Here’s a real news story: With multiple polls about pollsters, we’ve hit peak pollsters. Although no one seems to be getting an A for effort.
  • People are still working out the kinks about how to test Trump’s conflicts of interest . And if it’s hard to explain in a question, then, ah, well, i’m sure it’ll be fine.
  • Meanwhile The pollsters transition team is in full force. We’ve put all our podcast revenue so far into a blind trust handled by my 1.5 year old. The downside is he sits in on all my meetings & is an obnoxious tweeter.
  • Meanwhile, while people continue feel our country is off on the wrong track. AND more say belief in santa is decreasing? Correlation? Causation? You tell us!


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