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Poll of the week! May the polls be with you:

Just like there is constant Trump polling, there is constant Star Wars polling. That’s as close as Margie’s getting to a movie theater.


2016: With candidates like these, who needs family?

Trump gets Trumpier and Trumpier, and the polls find both agreement and embarrassment.


Kyle Dropp from Morning Consult

What can we learn about Trump’s support across methodologies? We talk to Kyle Dropp from Morning Consult.



Insecurity about our security is on the rise. Although views toward police improve.


Celebrate the holidays like the Millennials

Those Millennials–they know how to pare down a holiday to its bare essence.


Key Findings:

  • This holiday, no need to be embarrassed by your family when there are still so many candidates to be embarrassed by?
  • it seems like voters are increasingly worried about security & terrorism, but will it drive voters in the primary or the general?
  • Spoil Star Wars for Margie! But it’ll cost you.
  • Be like a Millennial & have a great holiday with your family & friends.

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