Don’t forget to listen to our recent interview with Nate Cohn from the NYT/Upshot–he dishes on the headlines to one of his stories recently, talks about great graphics, and more.  


Poll of the week!

Boaty McBoatface beating David Attenborough for the name of a new ship. At least it’s also beating “I love big boats & I cannot lie.”


Exit polls or it didn’t happen!

How did the polls do this past Tuesday? And what’s next for the sleepy-town portion of the primary?


A poll you may want to punch in the face


You scratch my SCOTUS & I’ll scratch yours

Merrick Garland polling shows he’s on track with past successful nominees. But there’s probably more to it than that.


From the department of obvious

Women want a job that pays more. Just like men. Go figure.


Thank you Easter bunny

Does your family have a plan?


Key findings:

  • Boaty McBoatface might have a better chance of stopping Trump at this point.
  • Is Trump inciting violence? Responsible for violence? Or making people poll about violence? Sadly, even these questions divide us.
  • In the coming weeks, we’ll turn to something surprisingly less controversial–the Supreme Court vacancy.
  • What do women want? Same thing as men.
  • What do all parents want this Easter? A plan to keep the candy under control. Good luck with that!

Check out this episode!

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