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Trump and Democrats’ Enthusiasm
President Trump Job Approval (RealClear Politics)
Democrats lose their enthusiasm advantage (NBC News/Wall Street Journal)
Voter Approval Rising for Trump’s Handling of the Economy (Wall Street Journal/NBC News)

AG Barr and the Mueller Report
Little support for Barr’s handling of Mueller report (POLITICO/Morning Consult)

2020 Campaigns
The State of the Democratic Primary (Morning Consult)
Latest National General Election Polls (RealClear Politics)

Monmouth on Capitalism vs. Socialism
Socialism not seen as compatible with American values, but opinion is not overwhelmingly negative (Monmouth University)

Foreign Policy
America Adrift: How the U.S. Foreign Policy Debate Misses What Voters Really Want (GBAO/Center for American Progress)
Voters Want an ‘America First’ Foreign Policy (Just Not Trump’s) (GBAO/Center for American Progress)
Democrats are playing down foreign policy. (GBAO/Center for American Progress)

Pew on Diversity
Americans See Advantages and Challenges in Country’s Growing Racial and Ethnic Diversity (Pew Research)

Pew on Methodology
When Online Survey Respondents Only ‘Select Some That Apply’ (Pew Research)

Met Gala Dress
Which Musician Had Your Favorite Met Gala 2019 Look? (Billboard)